I am dedicated to helping animals, people and organizations.  I join my love and commitment with legal acumen, skills and knowledge to champion those who cannot fight for themselves to achieve happy and successful results.

Humans have evolved along with dogs and cats for 10,000 years.  Our earliest ancestors shared their homes with dogs and cats, and that practice is still thriving in the 21st century!  Sharing ones life with animals is hard wired into the human condition.  Having animals as friends can make an ordinary life into a beautiful life.  


Be someone's miracle: Adopt a rescued older dog or cat. Why not let your pet have a friend around also?  Okay, make it two!  If everyone with a dog or a cat would adopt a second, it would go far to resolve the homeless pet problem faced in our society, and your pets will be happier, less lonely and more secure to have their own companion.  

Thanks for the visit to my website and for your kindness to animals! 
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